7 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied


How to recognize when your child is being bullied

It can be difficult to know at times if your child is being bullied.  Often kids feel ashamed, sad, or discouraged and so they don’t always willingly divulge everything they are experiencing.  I’ve composed a list based from experience on things you want want to look for in your child if you are questioning whether or not they are being bullied.

Change in socialization 

If your child is usually glued to their phone, always on Facebook, twitter or Instagram and then suddenly stops, then they may be having trouble with their peers.  Many children aren’t going to spontaneously take a break from their electronic lifelines without a precipitating event.


If your child becomes withdrawn at home, spending more time alone or is not really mentally or emotionally present during family conversations or activities, there may be something going on for you to investigate.

Change in appearance

Sometimes kids will try to alter their appearance in hopes of gaining the admiration or good graces of their peers.   Kids who do this may feel like they’re losing control of their social situation.  They may be trying to gain control again by altering their appearance to be accepted by their peers.

Change in eating habits 

Stress and depression can cause changes in eating habits.  Children may lose their appetites when they are experiencing the stress of being bullied.  In contrast, some kids comfort themselves with food.  As a parent, you know what your child’s normal eating patterns are, so a deviation from that could be cause for concern.

Bullying siblings 

If your child begins bullying their siblings when that is not their normal behavior, this is a big red flag.  Often times people who were abused or bullied act out but exhibiting the same behaviors to others.  I don’t know if it is an issue of control or simply trying to make themselves feel better.  For me, I knew I was being mean to my family and sister especially.  I thought that I would feel better about myself since those who were bullying me seemed to feel good about themselves.


Increased agitation and irritability could signal trouble for your child.  Especially if this is out of character for your child.


The above signs could signal depression which is very real.  If you even suspect that your child is depressed, seek the advice of your physician or counselor.

This is certainly not an all-inclusive list of what your child may be exhibiting if they are being bullied.  Keep in mind that you know your child better than anyone, any change that you see in them could signal something going own.

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