I’m Alicia  and I love to write.  I always have really.  I was the kid in school who loved Language Arts and English.  I loved them so much that I pretty much ran out of English classes to take.


Even though I dreamed about becoming a best-selling author I put those aspirations aside and decided to in order to be a responsible adult I would have to join the corporate rat race, so I did.


The desire to write never left my spirit though.  Anytime I faced a new challenge or job I immediately thought ‘I could write about that’.  Over the years I toyed with pursuing writing as a career.  I wrote exclusively while on maternity leave and did rather well.


You’d think I would have gotten the hint then that I should pursue my passion, but no.  It wasn’t until my three year old daughter looked at me one morning as we in the middle of our morning routine and said, ‘Mommy, I wish you could stay with me’ that I finally got it.  I wished I could stay with her too.  I realized that God had given me the ability to create with words what not everyone can.  I decided to put that gift to use.


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